Crop Top DIY

Happy Sunday everyone!

I have been working on my first DIY video. I apologise if it is a bit SFX heavy - I got pretty over-excited!

Here's how I customised my boyfriend's old Levi's t-shirt into an 80s/90s style crop top. 

This is super cheap and a great project for beginners. All you need to do on the sewing machine is a simple straight stitch and the t-shirt fabric is really easy to work with. 

I loved the slanted 90's style text but the t-shirt was a bit boring as it was. I used Dylon fabric paint which dries soft and is machine washable once ironed. I bought this from my local fabric store. I found the glitter doesn't show up that much so I'm going to add another coat of paint. You can also mix these paints to make different colours. The pots only cost a couple of pounds so they're fun to experiment with. 

You can do this with any t-shirt and it works great with baggy tops.

Click on the link below to watch. Hope you enjoy!


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